ITET Program

ITET 2024 | Tentative Schedule

May 10 (Friday)

10:00am-17:00pm Pre-conference Registration
May 11 (Saturday) 09:00am-09:05am Opening Ceremony
09:05am-12:10pm Keynote Presentations
12:10pm-13:00pm Break Time
13:00pm-16:00pm Online Session 1: Computer and Information Science
16:10pm-19:00pm Online Session 2: Modern Information Technology and Education
May 12 (Sunday) 9:00am-12:10pm Keynote&Plenary Presentations
12:10pm-13:00pm Break Time
13:00pm-14:30pm Online Session 3-Part A: Digital Economy and E-commerce
14:40pm-16:10pm Online Session 3-Part B: Digital Economy and E-commerce
16:30pm-19:00pm Online Session 4: Electronic Engineering and Intelligent Systems

Note: The specific arrangement is subject to the manual of the 2024 5th International Conference on Information Technology and Education Technology (ITET 2024)

Participation Pass Policy: Access to all ITET 2024 activities will be allowed only to people wearing ITET 2024 Participation Pass. Our policy is not to reprint Participation Pass or replace lost Participation Pass.
If you lose your Participation Pass, you will be able to purchase a new registration at the current on-site rates.
Considering the personal and property security of all ITET 2024 attendees, please keep track of your Participation Pass and make sure you bring it each day, and do NOT borrow to any others or take others into conference area.
If you don’t need the Participation Pass any more, please return it back to our registration desk.