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Tottori University, Japan

Address: 4-101 Koyama-cho Minami, Tottori, 680-8550, Japan

Tottori University was established in 1949 as a national university under the new system of National School Establishment Law with three faculties, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Medicine. It was integrated with Tottori Teacher Training Institute and Tottori Young Men's Teacher Training Institute both of which have roots in Training Center for Elementary School Teachers established in 1874, Tottori Professional School of Agriculture and Forestry which descended from Tottori Advanced Agricultural School established in 1920, and Yonago Medical College which previously known as Yonago Prefectural School of Medicine established in 1945. Later in 1965 Faculty of Engineering was established to aim for regional industrial development.
Throughout the time of its predecessors and until today, Tottori University has focused on practical learning, challenged the issues facing the regional communities through taking advantage of knowledge that human beings have developed, and contributed to the region through improving people's life and promoting industrial development. Meanwhile the university has sent out practical universal knowledge for human beings to the world through seeking solutions for the issues and made a significant contribution to the establishment of peaceful society, development of human resources and academic improvement.
Tottori University has pursued activities with a global vision while keeping a close relationship with the local communities. In light of the global age with a blend of various senses of values, the university is committed to fulfill its responsibilities for the societies as a Code of Conduct through understanding that there are variety of cultures and ideas, and having compassion for the minorities and people who are suffering from hardship.

Tottori Campus (Faculty of Regional Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Agriculture)

Address: 4-101 Koyama-cho Minami, Tottori 680-8550

To Tottori Airport by Air

  • 1hr. 20 min. from Tokyo (Haneda) Airport
  • 5 minutes by taxi from Tottori Airport

To JR Tottori Station by Rail

  • 8 minutes by Rail from Tottori Station to Tottori University Station
  • 3 minutes walk from Tottori University Station
  • 15 minutes by taxi from Tottori Station

Recommended Hotels

We need to move to Tottori station area, which is about 2 stations away.
Business Hotels:
Super-Hotel Tottori-Eki:
Toyoko Inn Tottori:
Green Rich Hotels:

High Class Hotel/Ryokan
Iwai-ya (Iwami town, a little bit far from Tottori): (Very good host spring, and traditional ryokan)
Kozeni-ya (Near Tottori-Station): (Location is good. Hot spring)